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Upcoming Events

A Journey Of Three Hearts

Presented By Shana Lee Gibson and Farhad Khan

DATE February 14 – 16, 2014

A Journey Of Three Hearts ~ presented by Maa Yoga – with Shana Lee Gibson and Farhad Khan February 14 – 16, 2014 Join us for a blissful weekend as we open our hearts and move into our inner worlds. Using meditation techniques, restorative yoga, and with the guidance of Shana Lee Gibson offering healing messages and detailed readings ... LEARN MORE

  • Upcoming Events

Roots EFT for Relationships Weekend

Presented By Heather Donaldson

DATE February 8 – 9, 2014

Roots EFT for Relationships Weekend ~ presented by Heather Donaldson February 8 – 9, 2014 Get the “Garden Tools” to address common issues, from serial short-term relationships to re-uniting new “empty nesters”. Transform your relationships – “best of the best” advice and experiential workshop designed with fun and enjoyment in mind. Restore your energy with daily tai chi breaks, delicious organic ... LEARN MORE

  • Upcoming Events

Seamless Practice Yoga Retreat

Presented By Christine Price Clark and Chantal Russell

DATE October 25-27, 2014

Practical practices for bringing your yoga to life. Designed for the experienced* practitioner seeking to infuse more of the sacred into the everyday, this weekend will ignite the way through daily meditation, intermediate/advanced asana, pranayama, personal and shared contemplation. At the close of our time together, you will have built your own map for initiating and/or ... LEARN MORE

  • Culinary
  • Yoga
  • "A-ma-zing. The Brew Creek Centre is a remarkable place, clearly built with care and attention and dedication to quality. The buildings are beautiful - built with craftsmanship, great design, and quality materials. The food is FANTASTIC. The staff were all friendly and helpful. I was totally impressed by this oasis in the forest."

    Violet Van Hees
    a participant with Leaders to Luminary
  • "From all of the folks at ERA Carbon Offsets Ltd., I would like to express our gratitude for an excellent 3 day experience at your Lodge. The truly unique combination of a “away from it all” natural environment, the warm ambiance of Brew Creek’s lodge and dwellings, the fine cuisine, the respectful staff, and the functionality of the learning centre, combined to make ERA’s getaway to Brew Creek, the most productive 3 days of planning in the company’s history. We will be back!"

    Robert Falls, CEO, ERA Carbon Offsets LTD.
    Vancouver, BC
  • "As a bride I placed a number of prerequisites on the venue, such as superb customer service, high quality of food, accommodation for out of towners and an intimate, natural West Coast setting.  I'm thrilled to say that The Brew Creek Centre met all of my venue requirements and truly exceeded my expectations, making it an effortless process and a magical day!"

    Magda Kwaterska
  • "Thank you to the warm, caring, and delightful Brew Creek team for supporting us in creating and hosting consistently transformational experiences for our team intensives. Time and time again, we are impressed with your team’s care and timeliness in  communication, flexibility and solutions focused nature, and attention to detail. The grounded, good nature of the staff compliments the serenity and natural beauty of the property.  In a very short time, the Brew Creek became our first choice for team-based development off-sites and yoga gatherings."

    Parker Pearson-Maurer, Lululemon Athletica
  • "The Brew Creek Centre is a pioneering example of a smart and useful effort to create a low carbon, small environmental footprint business that delights its clients while generating high quality long-term economic returns for its creators."

    Nigel Protter, BC Sustainable Energy Association
    Victoria, British Columbia
  • "From the moment we arrived to the property, we walked into an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. The Brew Creek Centre is seamless. The property is calming and soul-satisfying and the people are calm and gentle. To a person, every staff member was efficient and proficient at their work. And the food was exquisite, fresh and pleasing to the palate, laid out in a beautiful style and served with such care. My heart is full of gratitude for all of you.  "

    Parents of a Recent Bride
  • "We love being at Brew Creek.  It is the perfect place to connect, create and restore."

    Rochelle, Lululemon Athletica
  • "We very much enjoyed our faculty retreat at The Brew Creek Centre - the food and the accommodations were an excellent value, the meeting rooms and outdoor spaces were perfect, and the staff made organizing everything easy. The serenity of the location made it ideal for a retreat where everyone could relax, take a breath, and reflect - which was just what we were looking for."

    James Cohn, Chief Academic Officer, Quest University