Our Commitment

We practice environmental stewardship of the land and are committed to social responsibility in all of our operations and actions.  The ethos, energy and atmosphere of The Brew Creek Centre is reflected and enhanced by the type of people who use it. For this reason, we like to attract those who will honour the serenity, harmony and vitality of our setting. Read about our Environmental Initiatives


Our Guiding Principles

Our mandate is devoted to expanding awareness, awaking human potential and thereby facilitating collective consciousness.We offer a multi-faceted venue that includes The Gathering at Brew Creek, a nourishing environment, sustainable conscious practices, and a variety of opportunities for guests to participate in programs, special events and retreats.
We honour the inherent wholeness in all people while upholding reverence for the land and all of its offerings. We also honour the natural unfolding of life’s wisdom.
We believe that the outer world reflects the inner world and that the universe emanates from within. Through healthy engaged heart-centred relationships, with all those who come into contact with this place and its land, our actions will have a positive impact on our global community though greater equanimity and peace.
We practice environmental stewardship of the land and non-violent communication in all of our operations and actions.
We contribute to the greater good through universal compassion, honoring all people, and taking actions in our business practise that sustains the earth’s resources while offering a venue that uplifts consciousness.  We facilitate uplifting conscious experience through all that we offer; the pace of daily activities, natural beauty and environmentally sustainable directives.
Our core belief extends to all facets of our centre from nature to our true nature, “as above, so below”. We value and tend the relationships among us a model for our relationships with guests, suppliers and our global community.