Corporate Events


The Brew Creek Centre is set in a rare and scenic landscape 90 minutes from downtown Vancouver. We are committed to protecting the natural environment and supporting the nurturing of the human spirit for the benefit of individuals, businesses, and communities. To serve this purpose, we have created meeting venues that are set in the abundant natural landscape of the northwestern coastal rainforest of British Columbia.

The Brew Creek Centre stands apart from other venues for corporate meetings and retreats. We pay careful attention to details regarding our buildings and natural environment, human relationships, and creating the optimal environment to support teams to access new levels of thought and insight. Our experience with groups over the past 13 years has shown that the aesthetic of the natural landscape and thoughtfully developed buildings has inspired innovation and enhanced productivity.

Our facilities are models of green design—exhibiting an architectural elegance that mirrors the beauty of our natural surroundings, and energy efficient technologies that ensure a special kind of comfort.

The Brew Creek Centre is an ideal setting to hold conversations.