The Brew Creek Centre


A lot of places talk locavore; we live it. And it’s a year-round commitment touching on every aspect of what we do here. We source a good portion of our produce on property for much of the year, thanks to our extensive farm-garden and geodesic growing dome. With this abundance, our innovative culinary team led by Alain Van Den Meerssche creates authentic, place-based cuisine that’s sophisticated yet unpretentious, drawing on local ingredients and multicultural influences. It fits with Canada—and is truly representative of this place in the world. Expect healthy, organic fare to fuel the minds and enrich the outcomes of your meeting or retreat.

Growing Dome &
Farm Garden

You can feel good about staying and eating here. And even non-foodies will marvel at our two-acre bluff-top farm-garden, a terraced cornucopia of creeping bean vines, giant purple cabbages, corn stalks, sprawling pumpkins and squashes, rows of tidy green carrot tops and five-foot-high fuschia bergamot. Then there’s our geodesic dome, a 42-foot-wide, 17-foot-high solar-heated growing space and veritable jungle of hot house tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and eggplant reaching some 10 feet up towards the triangular polycarbonate plastic ceiling panels.

It’s all part of our 12-month sustainability program a huge source of pride. Everything—our plastics, composting, recycling—plays a role. We compost all corporate event food waste, which goes back into the soil. It’s what makes our flowers so pretty and our vegetables so flavourful. We harvest produce for our kitchen year-round, supplying all of it ourselves during the growing season.

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