The Brew Creek Centre

Team building is essential to the success of any enterprise, and we realize that this is a key aspect for our corporate clients in selecting a venue. For that reason, we’ve carefully vetted two leading teambuilding experts to design custom sessions as inspiring as our extraordinary environment. Read more about why they choose to lead their programs at The Brew Creek Centre.

Engagement Unlimited

Our forté is creating cultural shifts in a limited amount of time, and this partnership pairs the stunning aesthetic experience of the landscape, inspiring setting, and strategically planned environment with our team building, workshops and retreats. The Brew Creek Centre captures the spirit of the Age of Engage. In its isolation, it encourages inward reflection. In its proximity to Whistler and Vancouver, it encourages a casual and relaxed, yet energized environment.

"We believe in an active, participant-driven experience for all guests."
Roger Hasket | Engagement Unlimited
"Adventure is a state of mind and an attitude about how we approach life."
Jonathan Willcocks | Pinnacle Pursuits

Pinnacle Pursuits

We’re about aligning organizations’ and teams’ living culture and performance with their core values through meaningful group experiences. This requires inspiring people to connect deeper within themselves, with others and nature through intentionally designed, facilitated activities. The Brew Creek Centre is a seamless fit for creating the right kind of place, space and time to empower this type of curiosity, reflection and awareness—making it a shared journey.

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