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Eco-Friendly Weddings at The Brew Creek Centre

Posted April 11 2014

At The Brew Creek Centre, we are all about helping new wedding couples find the support and resources they need to hold weddings that reduce, re-use and recycle.  We are conscious about saving water, conserving energy, lessening our carbon footprint.  All of this whilst still providing an exclusive, stylish and elegant venue for your wedding.  According to The Conde Nast Bridal Group, spending on weddings has increased by 100% since 1990, with the average cost of a wedding at approximately $32,000 in 2013.  This included a Honeymoon.
Why not spend it in a way that contributes to sustaining our environment?  You can do this in the following ways:
Venue:  Book our property for your family and friends and enjoy natural beauty, peace and intimacy.
Engagement Rings:  search for companies that utilize recycled gold, such as and or re-use family heirloom jewelry.
Wedding Invitations: Use electronic invitations, a wedding website and recycled paper invites.
Ceremony and Reception:  Choose an environmentally-conscious Venue such as The Brew Creek Centre, where we actively promote recycling and composting, sourcing local organic produce and utilizing solar power in place of conventional carbon producing sources,  and still deliver on natural beauty and breath-taking scenery.
Favors: Edible favors with re-usable containers are growing more popular, as are the use ofplantable seed favors such as those available at
 Wedding Dress:  Buy a dress that you are able to wear again, or have a dressmaker remake a family heirloom gown – this is so in vogue nowadays with the trend towards Vintage Style Weddings.  Use natural, sustainable fabrics such as those by
Honeymoon:  – Travel locally and spare the planet.  Choose environmentally conscious destinations such as Whistler, Vancouver Island and The Okanagan or travel abroad to communities where their natural resources and therefore sustainability are a priority.